Terms of Service

  1. Accepting the Terms of Service By registering and creating an account on SoEpic the user accepts to follow and abide the Terms of Service. If you do not agree to the Terms of Service you should not use the website.
  2. Modifications to the current Terms of Service SoEpic reserves the right to modify the Terms of Service at any time by updating this page and sending a notice to all registered users. We are constantly improving the website, therefore the current Terms of Service might change when new functionality will be added to the website.
  3. Registration and use of the website We do not limit you to view the content posted on the website, however, to have access to some functions (for example: posting content), you must register your own account which is totally free of charge. Registration allows you to own a unique username and your own URL in our domains. After creating an account the user receives own homepage with a unique URL and possibility to upload content, post comments, follow other users and like their posts. The user is responsible for the owned account on SoEpic, the password should be protected and not give to anyone. The SoEpic crew will never ask you for your password. The user takes responsibility for the posted content – images, videos, comments and any other activity. Therefore, the SoEpic crew is not responsible for any content uploaded by the users. The user retains rights for his/her content. The user is not allowed to post content that is against the law.
  4. DMCA and Content Takedowns Users may report inappropriate content and the SoEpic crew will investigate the flagged content and remove it, if it is against current TOS.
Terms of Service - Last Modified: 09-10-2012