Must See Attractions Across the State of Maryland

The United States is a really huge country with over 50 states. Each of these states have their own tourist attractions, especially the state of Maryland located at the East Coast. In a relatively big state, it’s bound to have lots of places tourists want to visit.

But of course, tourists don’t have all the time in the world to visit each tourist attraction. Here, we’re just going to enumerate the best ones and you can choose the top places you want to visit. You can also have a peak at this website to check all the state has to offer.

Ocean City

Being one of the states located at the east coast, this state has long beaches. One of the top destinations would be the Ocean City, which is one of the most popular in the mid-Atlantic coast. Whether you’re there to stay for a week or just over the weekend, this is a great destination because you’ll be able to do lots of things.

You’ll find their famous Boardwalk that features lots of activities such as rides, games, and shops you can visit. You can also take a food trip here because who doesn’t want to eat while having fun right?

One of the best things to try would be the French fries at Thrasher’s. Whether you’re eating or playing, this is the place to be. Here is where both old and young feel younger.

Deep Creek Lake

If you’re not a fan of beaches, then this inland tourist attraction might suit you better. Deep Creek Lake is one of the top destinations because it has mountains, rivers, and lakes in one place. you can choose from countless of activities.

This is a place that’s good for families, couples, or solo travelers. For those who are adventurous, you can try hiking during the summer or skiing during the winter months. But if you just want to feel safe, you can just go for biking or picnicking.

Whatever activity you choose, this is a place that can meet your expectations. Just make sure to bring the essentials.

Fort McHenry National Monument

The past is definitely a good place to visit and this monument would be a great place to start the journey. Built to guard the busy harbor, this monument was built in 1803. This is known withstanding a British bombardment a couple of years after it was built and saved it from being occupied by foreign troops.

You can take a tour of the buildings here or watch a presentation that runs through all of the important information about the monument. For those who want to feel a sense of pride, this will surely make you feel such.

Baltimore’s Inner Harbor

After visiting the monument, you might want to head on over to the place it was built to protect: the inner harbor of the state. Until today, the harbor remains one of the busiest places in the state.

It’s filled with lots of museums, shops, restaurants, and ships that make an amazing 360 view. You can get into the ships that take you to the past, like USS Torsk or the USS Constellation. All these ships have been significant in the state’s history, so you better get on them.

Kids will love the aquarium, planetarium, and science center here because they just offer lots of useful information. If you’re travelling with family, you definitely want to sleep over here because there are lots of hotels nearby. If you’re looking for fun, this place is booming with nightlife that will add to your favorite drunken nights.

Brookside Gardens

The state also has a tourist attraction that brings so much peace and serenity. Brookside Gardens offer scenic views that will just take you breath away, especially during the Spring Season. Flowers blooming and birds chirping will be the perfect view for those who want to relax.

From aquatic gardens to butterfly gardens, this award winning 50-acre garden is a must-visit. There offer programs for both adults and children during your visit there.

Six Flags America

Warning: this place is not for the faint-hearted. Six Flags has been known to boast the most exhilarating rides in the country. With rides that make your heart pump faster, paying this place a visit will make you enjoy while sweating.

Contrary to popular belief, this isn’t just for the kids who want to taste something new. This is also for the adults who want to try out rides that remind them of their youth. There are over 10 roller coaster rides, Wild One and Joker’s Jinx being two of the most popular.

Better visit this place between April to October because that’s the only time they’re open.If you’re looking for maryland marijuana medical card service then have a peek at this website.

Whether you want to go beach bumming or just enjoy the peaceful gardens, Maryland offers lots of tourist attractions worth visiting. What are you waiting for? Plan that trip and head on over to Maryland.…

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