Beatles Records Make Any True Music Lover Happy

Regardless of what the industry, revolutions are not common enough to easily find. Before the barriers are broken down, there is a leader that numerous individuals follow. The music business is driven by these innovations. With the coming of the Beatles after Elvis Presley’s revolution, popular music transformed drastically.

Their first record company, Capitol Records, got them off the ground but also provided a lackluster beginning point for market penetration in America. Without the already dedicated fans in England and surrounding parts, there may have never been a “British Invasion” that changed music into what it is today.

At the beginning of their career, the Beatles toured around England playing in clubs and other small locations to get their name and music out there. It was London based EMI that paid attention and signed the boys into an exclusive recording agreement.

EMI enabled them to cut their first Beatles vinyl recording and begin gaining huge popularity. It fell to Capitol, the American branch of EMI, to release those early Beatles recordings but Capitol wasn’t impressed and they didn’t care for those mop-top haircuts.

Elvis’s hip-swinging made some record labels nervous to push out material that may have been deemed unacceptable. The last thing they needed was more controversy involving these long-haired pop stars, but then CBS News changed everything.

The Beatles vinyl single “I Want to Hold Your Hand” was published in 1963 following a news article about the music group that gained huge attention. The single went right to number one right after the article was published. The Beatles flew over for their earliest American tour in February 1964.

By that point “I Want to Hold Your Hand” had already sold over two million copies. When the Beatles made their first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show they were a bonafide music industry sensation.

Today Beatles vinyl records are some of the most sought out records across the world by vinyl collectors. Naturally, these recordings are meant to be enjoyed with a proper audio system like the kind created by Rega. London, the place that the Beatles call home, is where high-quality Rega turntables are produced.

Even the best sound engineers in the business back the most recent Rega turntables. Rega cuts most of the extras seen on many turntables to be able to concentrate on the quality of parts and sound reproduction.

Rega turntables and Beatles vinyl, although from completely different eras, is definitely an incredible combination that must be heard to be believed!


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